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Software Life

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LOSER - Way of thinking matters

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GOAT : Greatest Of All Time

In the world of sports, every person speaks about GOAT (Greatest Of All Time). Means, who is best, your player or my player. And many people are NUTs (Never Understand the Things). And just put themselves into debate.

-- iCNU

Everyday is good!!

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the Next Big Things..!!!

In the near future we are going to witness the true digital competition. Of course we are seeing it now. The tech giants of the world are trying very hard to take advantage in the market share with their innovative products. Google chrome os, microsoft windows 8, Facebook search engine.

5 or 920

In couple of weeks, the two gigantic mobile companies came with two of their pawns into the 'smart' game. Apple launched most awaited iPhone 5 to increase it's market share and gain an edge over the nearby competitors