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5 or 920

In couple of weeks, the two gigantic mobile companies came with two of their pawns into the 'smart' game. Apple launched most awaited iPhone 5 to increase it's market share and gain an edge over the nearby competitors like Samsung and Nokia. And Nokia revealed the smartest phone ever Lumia 920(and 820) to sustain in the smart marketing.

When Apple announces it's next phone in CES 2012 in January of this year, everybody startsed thinking about that. What consumers always think about WoW features. This time Apple easily missed that, except the fact that they have reduced weight by some x%, and increased the dimensions by some x%. The innovative implementations are almost none in iPhone5. While iPhone 4s came with siri, the most innovative at that time,which is a voice assistant.

Now Lumia 920 seems to be the smartest phone ever in the world. Nokia had failed to gain the market margin after Google's Android came into the market. While Nokia staying on the boring Symbion OS. And finally Nokia opened it's mind and accepted partnership with Microsoft and unleashed first windows mobile phone Lumia. And it has unique mobile operating system, unique GUI. And Nokia keep on working on the partnership with Microsoft and now it released with Windows flagship OS(windows phone 8). Ihone has unique features like, the most advanced mobile os iOS6. And Lumia has Windows phone 8, so literally the two gaints of the PC world are competing here with their mobile versions.

I've seen the keynotes of both the smartphones and I thought Nokia Lumia 920 has slight edge over iPhone 5. Because, the innovative features introduced by Nokia are truly amazing. City lenses is one of the feature, which is an upgrade to Nokia Maps that will show the labels (restaurant names) when you switch on your camera and zoom at any building. And 360 degree panaroma is another feature. And it came with Nokia pureview hd+ which is too good. And certainly they are replacement to SLRs. And Wireless charging, this was phenomenal. And Lumia got NFC(near field commuication) which iphone doesn't have and most of the apple wishers expected to have in the latest phone. And iphone 5 has upgraded their maps by including flyover( for 3d building), increased greaphics, improved siri and increase in screen size to 4in(which is smaller than 4.5 in lumia 920 screen).


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