the Next Big Things..!!!

In the near future we are going to witness the true digital competition. Of course we are seeing it now. The tech giants of the world are trying very hard to take advantage in the market share with their innovative products. Google chrome os, microsoft windows 8, Facebook search engine.

What the world wants is computing. To do that, we need Operating System. Microsoft has been topper in the category of giving the easier, simple os to major part of the world. Windows is continued to evolve in the same way by introducing Windows 8 with it's astonishing Tile design, previously called as Metro style. And microsoft said that os is ready to work with basic hardware which might use arm processors. And windows 8 is been good to touch gadgets. The world also intersted in touch gadgets which is an added advantage for micro soft. Microsoft is coming with Surface computing also. And partnership with Nokia has resulted a new era of mobile OS, windows phone 8. And Microsoft's new Outlook mail has arrived. It's interface is simple and most appropriate if you use Windows 8.

Coming to Google, the next big thing would be it's Chrome OS. If you are connected to internet, then you won't do anything except using browser. Google thought the same and came up with idea that, why don't we make an OS. simple, fast. and build the fastest OS. Which won't take much time to boot , because it won't load all the files as in the case of windows, macintosh and others. And Google is already a giant personality in the internet world. You can do almost everything in ur digital life with it's products and services.

Search,Share,Mail(communicate/business) are the three major tasks in the life of person. Facebook dominates in the second aspect, while search and mail were dominated by Google. So what facebook is trying to work is to get a search engine which will get the results from the friends, or suggested by friends.

It's very exciting to see how the equations will change in the future.

useful links : ChromeOS windows 8 launch

-- iCNU

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