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LONDON, it all ends here..

The final moments for 2012 tennis has come to an end. From monday (5 Nov) World Tour Finals(WTF) at London O2 is going to start. WTF is being one of the tournament that makes viewers very exciting. The draw for this tournment itself makes it interesting to watch. All the top 8 players for the current year will be qualified for this and set clashes within themselves. So the tennis will be played by the best 8 players for the current year which is great to see. 

Roger Federer grabbed WTF 2011 title(6th title) last year with his one of the finest performance on the circuit. Roger Federer with drew from the Paris masters for taking rest and to give better performance in London. And Federer has to defend his title here inorder to save 1500 points.

Novak djokovic bids for his second title here. Nole is being performing better from last year. And he has already got the year ending no.1. So the pressure on him will be less as compared to others. And he is one of the toughest guy in the mindset area in the circuit.

AndyMurray, the emerging and emotional player of the year, trying to improve his game and hardly trying to get ranking position 1. Ofcourse winning this WTF won't make him no.1 but it reduces the gap. This year he won his first grandslam and he is showing eagerness to show his performance under the roof.

David Ferrer has never won a grandslam and never an ATP 1000 event till yesterday. And now he win the BNP Paribas Paris Masters, an ATP 1000 event. Though he is a good player, his play is not enough to beat the top 4 out there. And he always give tight fight.

The Czeck guy made some upsets against top seeds and he is looking like a threat now. Though he is reliable on his serve, he has very bad record of his mental personality. ( where he refused to have hand shake with Almagro in Aus Open 2012). He has the ability and he is wasting it seems.

The big Argentine, Del Potro won back to back titles in last few weeks and looking more confident. It is very bad time when he was suffered with some injuries when his play was at good state. And now he came back and ready to give good tennis here. This year, he defeated Federer in Basel indoors, and Djokovic in Olympics.

Tsonga is the last person in the Top 8. But the person out there is very stubborn, strong and he was reached Finals last year where he lost to Federer. And now he is ready to repeat the same ( getting into finals ). His strong and energetic shots are plus points for him.

Though he is not in Top 8, as Nadal is absent, Tipservic got into the WTF. He is the second Serbian (first one is Djokovic) in this tourney. Last year also he came in the middle as someone dropped in the group matches. And he failed to make it to semis. This time he is ready to give his best tennis.

This is the event which will be held after the two straight weeks of tennis, this is an hectic schedule for the players. For rest , Federer skipped Paris masters. And interstingly all the remaining players came out of the tournment with sudden losses against unseeded players. Only Ferrer stayed there and won his first ATP 1000 title.

It is an awkward moment for the players to say that they got the rest for preparing for London WTF when they losted to unseeded players who gave best tennis on that day.

Starting matches Group A :
Murray vs Berdych
Djokovic vs Tsonga
Startng matches Group B :
Roger Federer vs Janko Tipservic
David Ferrer vs Juan Martin Del potro


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