Novak, Roger inspired to give more.

It's been a great tournament here at London O2 arena. Barclays world tour finals, the last tournament for 2012 season got a tremendous ending with the presence of Nole and Roger and their elegant tennis yesterday.

Roger, who is interested in taking the domination from the beginning of the match has done good job by breaking the first serve in the second game. But the other side of the net, Djokovic, who is a slow started and smart actor on the field ( always shows signs of tired man when he loses point ) got into the set again by getting two crucial points against six time champion. And Federer showed his free style , attacking and aggressive gaming to save two set points against world no.1 when he is serving at 5-4. And the first set lead to tie breaker as the momentum is swinging between back and forth between Roger and Novak. In tie break, it was Novak who took the control of the game and got the first set. It was Roger's another incredible passing shot against Novak in the tie breaker at 6-5.
Federer passing shot against Novak (see expression of novak)

In the second set, Roger came back strongly by breaking the Djoker first game. And Federer got the momentum and got the situation to stretch the match to 3 sets, but nole made it again to save the points and game. And Novak got the match after a good passing shot.

It was great season for the both players and a great match to end the season. Novak defended his year ending ranking no.1 for the straight second year, and Roger who is at 32 showed some inspirational game play during this year, and he is ready to give it more.. :)

Roger said..

I think it’s the love for the game, the appreciation I get from the crowds, I guess playing for records from time to time, playing against different types of generations and playing styles,” he said. “The game has evolved sort of over the last 13-14 years I’ve been on tour. It’s changed quite a bit ever since.
“I think you need inspiration, motivation from different angles to keep you going because it isn’t that simple just to wake up every morning and go for another travel around the world, another practice, all these other things, another fitness workout, another stretch. It’s always nice, but you need to have some success and you need to have the right reasons why you’re doing it. I think I’ve always been able to do that and I really enjoy myself out on the court.”

Novak said..
“I was just trying to hang in there,” said Djokovic, on being 0-3 down in the first set. “It's not the first time that Roger [has] started against me so well. I've experienced before his aggression, really trying to put his mark on the match. I didn't know in which direction the match would really go, but I tried to convince myself that I would make a turnaround and I will fight.

That's all for the tennis this year. Hope we have great tennis with Nadal coming out from injury.

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