Bull's return..

It's pretty hard to leave something you play since your childhood for more than 6 months. That's what happening with RAFA.

He was suffered to injuries more number of times in the past too. But this was huge blow for him. He missed many tournaments, grand slams.

And more importantly, he is now out of top 4. Of course it doesn't matter to him. It is making draws more interesting. Now he might be playing top 3 in the quarters itself. Now he need to defend almost 3000 ATP points to be in top 5. Otherwise he will be entering Roland garros with seeding just below 10.

He hasn't touched a tennis racquet since losing to Lukas Rosol in Wimbledon 2012 second round. Now he is participating in ATP250 tourney at Chili.

Wish he come back well, and we will witness more good tennis ahead.

History of his injuries..

15 Days off
An injury to his left shoulder in a fall while training in Manacor, his hometown, prevents debut in her first Grand Slam, the French Open. It was his first injury.

60 Days off
Injury tournament Estoril (Portugal). Fissure scaphoid in his left foot. Two months out kept him out of Roland Garros, Wimbledon and the Olympic Games in Athens.

100 Days off
Inflammation of the left foot. Absent in the Paris Masters and the Masters Cup Their problems of tendinitis in the knees, Especially the left, are evident in October at the Madrid Masters. There was a speculation about his retirement, but not only participated in the tournament, he ended up winning it.

(2006)Support problems in the feet. Inflammation of the left, for a month. Absent in the Australia Open. Retired in Queens against Hewitt. Treatment works. Nadal retained his crown in Paris, remains unbeaten on clay, reached his first Wimbledon final and first-time participant in the Masters Cup in Shanghai, where he falls against Federer in semifinal.

-Small injury
A left arm cramps made him lose power and precision, accompanied by dizziness forced his retirement in the second round in Cincinnati. In another demanding season, knees again suffer. Nadal to step out of the rumors about his season career saying "no danger".

30 days off
A right knee injury (tendinitis in the quadriceps tendon insertion) forced him to retire in his quarter of Paris-Bercy tournament. The problem prevents him from being in the Masters Cup in Shanghai. Until November 3 played 111 games to meet his goal of being number one, reached the day after winning the Olympic gold.

94 days off
Quadriceps tendinitis in both knees. Lost in Roland Garros and missed Queen's and Wimbledon. Gave up the first position in the ATP ranking.

30 days off
Retired against Andy Murray in the quarterfinals of the Australia Open with tendinitis in his right knee. Returns to competition in early March. From there, he gets his title at Roland Garros and Wimbledon wins despite continuing pain in his right knee. Back on track, won US Open for the first time.

10 days off
Drag from Wimbledon discomfort peritoneal tendon in his left foot. Revealed in his autobiography, he thought about leaving tennis and play golf instead. In Australia Open suffered a hamstring injury in the abductor muscle of the left leg.

The chronic injury to the patellar tendon in his left knee gives problems at Roland Garros, but won for the seventh time. Fell in second round at Wimbledon and tendinitis returned. Canceled participation in London 2012, Toronto, Cincinnati and the U.S. Open , ATP world tour finals, and recently Australian Open.

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