Roger visited his foundation project..

Roger Federer has paid a working visit to one of the creches for preschool children sponsored by his foundation in South Africa. The No. 2 is making the trip between events in Rotterdam and next week in Dubai to visit with children in a remote outpost of his mother’s native country where his foundation has been working since its start almost a decade ago.

Federer and his mother Lynette visited the Hlukani and Govhu crèches in the Limpopo Province of South Africa, getting a warm reception at a project which the foundation funds in cooperation with the locally organized READ Educational Trust since 2010.

Federer played with the children, read to them and even tied one’s shoes during a visit which obviously made an impact on one of the best-known humanitarians in the sport.

“It’s a privilege to be here, to travel to one of the projects that we support,” said Federer. “It’s emotional and motivating, I’m excited to see all the help we have provided. Now that I’m here I can see for myself,

“This is one of the poorest neighborhoods in South Africa and they need some of the most help so that they can hopefully succeed later in life.”

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