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Rafa defeated Roger in straight sets.

Nothing seemed right there, no movement in the court , very easily giving up the rallies, trying hard to put the ball in the back hand side of Nadal, and uneven shot selection and losing rhythm and little back pain, all concluded to another loss in the journey to defend the title for Roger Federer.

The Hurt vs The Old

One is hurt with the knee injury and back in form recently by winning two unknown titles in the circuit.

One is becoming old day by day, and got little back pain and struggling with his form.

The show down starts tomorrow at 07:30 AM IST. between Swiss  Roger Federer and Spaniard Rafael Nadal.

Google did mistake and paid for it.

Google's street view is a well known feature for it's users.

Street view is captured by it's special equipment which can be attached to a vehicle(car) and this vehicle roam around the city and capture with it's stereo cameras attached to it.

During 2008 to 2010 Google While capturing the location, it also captured the wi-fi networks and users' personal information, URLs, passwords etc.  Initially, Google said it "collected only fragments of payload data," but it later said it collected entire e-mails, URLs, and passwords.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Vehicle to capture StreetView[/caption]

Google paid $7million over a privacy-related complaint regarding its Street View mapping service.

As part of today's settlement, Google must destroy the data it gathered during that time period. It must also run, for at least 10 years, a training program for employees about privacy and confidentiality of user data, as well…

it's Not an Accident to Kalpana Chawla and her team..!!

It should not be happen, they would have sent the rescue mission to save them.

NASA people were aware of what was going to happen for Columbia. Wayne Hale , the former project leader revealed the hidden secrets about the Columbia  ship disaster.

Hale wrote on his blog that he was told by Jon Harpold, then Nasa's director of mission operations: "You know, there is nothing we can do about damage to the thermal protection system. If it has been damaged it's probably better not to know. I think the crew would rather not know.

"Don't you think it would be better for them to have a happy successful flight and die unexpectedly during entry than to stay on orbit, knowing that there was nothing to be done, until the air ran out?"

At the time, Hale stressed, Harpold's words were purely hypothetical because the space agency's engineers were working on what he called "the wrong problem". They were looking at whether the briefcase-sized piece of foam, which…

Typical B.Tech student( found in Hyd)

The students of Hyderabad are feeling shame for their travel mode. One guy expressed his condolence for getting into an auto just for 10 min to go to college. Daily he came by his overacted bike.

Unforunately  Fortunately today the bike was not available to him. So he decided to go by auto along with his friend who usually listen to his so called funny comments. The guy sat inside the auto and trying to hide his face because, someone would see him in the auto from the passing college bus. And he didn't stop commenting about his situation for the next 10min.

This is pathetic situation at student level. What the hell is going  in the home no one knows. this is result of freedom, misuse of freedom. The majority percentage of population is youth in the country. and i'm sure majority of the youth is like this. Concerning about funny things and just leaving the main issue., their life.  Mean while parents are busy in earning the money by giving their full efforts to make their …