Rafa defeated Roger in straight sets.

Nothing seemed right there, no movement in the court , very easily giving up the rallies, trying hard to put the ball in the back hand side of Nadal, and uneven shot selection and losing rhythm and little back pain, all concluded to another loss in the journey to defend the title for Roger Federer.

Whatever the result is it was good to see them on court playing each other. And you can't expect him to win when he was not marginally at his best at chasing rallies and poor serves.

"I played a fantastic first set,". "The second set was strange. Roger didn't fight as usual. Probably he had some problems and he didn't feel enough comfortable to keep fighting."said Rafa.

"If I think that I am better than him because I beat him 19 against 10, I will be very stupid and very arrogant,". "This is not the case." said Rafa.

“The longer the match went on, I realised I had to change up my game. I played differently than I was hoping to be able to. Obviously, he got more comfortable as the match went on, as well. Things became difficult. Obviously once I was down a set I knew it was going to be difficult.

“Overall, under the circumstances, I'm happy. It's all right, and I'm looking forward. I'll probably maintain my schedule, but you never know.”

With this loss , his no.2 ranking is at stake. And he got 7 week break before his next tournment begin. Hope he can comeback well there.

Rafael Nadal who played some good tennis and back with his form. Rafa plays Tomas Berdych in semis on saturday.

Mean while in the other half, all the big fellas set clash for the semis berths., Murray is taking on Delpotro and Djoker taking on Tsonga. 


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