The Hurt vs The Old

One is hurt with the knee injury and back in form recently by winning two unknown titles in the circuit.

One is becoming old day by day, and got little back pain and struggling with his form.

The show down starts tomorrow at 07:30 AM IST. between Swiss  Roger Federer and Spaniard Rafael Nadal.

Both were struggled in the previous matches, almost Federer loosing to his compatriot Wawrinka and Nadal loosing to Ernests Gulbis( who is on 13 match winning streak in just 14 days).

Both were tired, both were got little rest, and they need to produce best tennis again with in 24hrs of the match they played today.

This match is so important to Roger, since if he loses here, there are plenty of chance that he is gonna loose his No.2 ranking and Murray will be new World No.2 from next week.

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