Donnie Darko [2001]

This is an awkward moment when you completed watching the movie and didn't understand the story line at all.

Okay, it's fine, it is more awkward that even you read the story and didn't get what is this all about.

Donnie Darko is one of that kinda movie for me. :(

Donnie Darko ( Jake Gyllenhaal) believed there would be time travel based on the book written by Grandma Death and did few crimes with his friend Frank, a big bunny rabbit.

According the explanation given from the web,

Whatever we are living now is called Present Universe ( which is stable ), and there will be a parallel universe called Tangent Universe ( unstable ) . And the movie start with a huge jet engine falling from tangent universe to present universe and causes unstability, and the world will be end in 30 days. To compensate that Donnie try with time travel without knowing this universe types. And finally he would be dead.




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