Oblivion [2013] - Just Visual Delight

Trailer was fantastic. It seemed like promising action film with extreme effects. But the film showed a boring screenplay. It was delight to see the visual effects and Tom cruise vehicle. And the funny Robot which destroy everything except Tom Cruise. This movie had so many unnecessary scenes, and it was poor casting for the film. But as usual Tom acted really well.

Joseph Kosinskiv, the director of Tron:legacy, made one more attempt to give one more visual treat in the film. And he is ready to sequel for Tron.

Oblivion, shows the earth in 2077, after the war everything was gone, and Jack ( Tom cruise) ended with few memories and he try to figure that out. Morgan Freeman played a leader for scavengers character.

It was like mixing of high profile sci fi movies that came earlier. And ending will look like in Independence day, where you destroy the main server, and all the childs will be gone. and entering into some big machine in the space.

If you want to enjoy the film with descent visual effects, go for this. But story might be boring.

Trailer :


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