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What is big Data?

Big data, the name itself suggests that it is kind of data which is huge/big. We need to know which data makes to that big/huge level.

#What is Big Data ?
According to IDC ( International Data Corporation ), we define the data as big data based on three parameters viz. Volume, Velocity and Variety.
Volume refers to size of the data. Eg : Millions of tweets posted for every minute
Velocity refers to how fast you need analysis on that data. Eg : In IPL (Cricket) match you need to check which team has more tweets and to display that information, it need to query based on (#CSK) tag or any team tag.
Variety refers to what type of data you have, text/image/audio/sensorinformation/video or any mixture of those. Eg : Facebook is processing your status message(text),photo ( image) and video formats. The data may be structured or unstructured.

According SAS ( another company ) variability and complexity are the two key terms.
Variability refers to how variable that data size and the time at which we …

Federer hopes he can stop Rafa

It's not the Federer that I've seen earlier this week when he lost to Nishikori. He definitely brought back his own game in last 4 matches. And he is really looking forward to another match against his long time rival Rafael Nadal.

Nadal survived from Gulbis scare

Before the match, Nadal believed that the next match is a tough one. He said that because he was almost defeated by Gulbis in Indian Wells this year.

Rafa is at his level now

World no.5 Rafael Nadal won his 5th title this year in the 7 tournaments he played after his comeback from knee injury. If he continue his form like this, we can see great contest from top players who faces Rafa in quarters itself. The draw will be interesting at Roland Garros.

Just Don't give up.

Federer finds no excuses for his loss

Roger federer felt very bad about his performance against Kei Nishikori. He is going straight to practice court, he was unable find his rhythm in the play except in the second set. He went for

Grigor Dimitrov stuns Novak Djokovic and completed his revenge

Novak Djokovic, World no.1 and dominating the tennis world for the recent 2years and recently defeated Nadal at his own den (Monte Carlo).

Grigor Dimitrov, a 21 year old

Iron Man 3 [2013] - Packed with what you want

Iron man 3 is good, it got all what the audience wanted. Fun,action,good villain and some emotional resonance. But still, it is not met expectations of so many people and little exhausted to see that the movie just completed.

Everybody can't do same work

Yes, it's true. Everybody can't do same work, each one have their special interest in something.

If everybody doing same work we can't live. For example, the software engineer feels his job is ONLY the best job that a human do and asks everyone to do same, who will make food to survive, who will repair your computer when it stopped working. or if farmer feel everybody should do ONLY , then who will do business and give money to him. So what I'm saying is, love your work and respect what others do, most of them are not feeling ashamed of they are  doing.