Federer errored against Nadal - Again..!

Shear dominance from Rafael Nadal against Roger in the final at Rome today 6-1,6-3. Everybody including Roger expected a good match , but that didn't happen. Such a dominance from Rafa. I guess Rafa will have special tennis especially against the special person, Roger Federer.

Pathetic serve and so many unforced errors from Roger causing big-bigger-biggest  damages again and again and again against Rafa. Roger still didn't find the solution for Rafa's over top spin and high bounce on the back hand side. Yeah, the better player won today.

Reaching finals today is still a better achievement for Roger, but the way Roger started this tournament and the way he played today was unmatched. Too much defensive and Roger simply making unforced errors for less than 5 shot rally. And at crucial points Nadal showing all court play, putting top spin on the ball, send that ball to Roger back hand , ask Roger to hit slowly towards center of the court, and then you hit a winner. That's the game plan he is following for years. And Single handed Federer didn't find his best backhand today and even his forehand which is great this week, tend to be giving many unforced errors.

Match started with Roger serving, won first game looked comfortable. And Rafa started his dominance. straight 6 games, 3 breaks. And in the second set, Roger started well getting a break point, but Rafa saved that. and early in the set Rafa started breaking and leads to 5-1 and serving for match. At that time, Roger breaks Rafa game and holds his serve to 3-5. But unable to stop in the next service game and eventually gave the match.

"He played very aggressively from the start. He didn't make too many mistakes and had a good match overall. Rafa has much more topspin than all the guys I played this week, so the change was quite a big one. I tried to play offensively, but unfortunately I didn't have the best day. It didn't go the way I was hoping it to go." - Roger Federer

Credit to Rafa for winning his 6th title after his comeback and 24th masters title.

Rafael Nadal will be seeded 4 we are not going to see any quarters which will have Rafa and Roger/Novak/Murray match.

Looking forward to see all the players in Roland Garros :)

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