Grigor Dimitrov stuns Novak Djokovic and completed his revenge

Novak Djokovic, World no.1 and dominating the tennis world for the recent 2years and recently defeated Nadal at his own den (Monte Carlo).

Grigor Dimitrov, a 21 year old kid to the tennis world and known for his playing style almost similar to Federer's style of play.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Grigor Dimitrov Grigor Dimitrov (Photo credit: mirsasha)[/caption]

This is the third time they met at Madrid open in the 2nd round. Last time when they met, Dimi got some chance to register an upset against World No.1 but, he spoiled his chances with some poor serves at crucial times. And Dimi didn't want to do that again today. Grigor is improving alot for every match, he almost edged Rafa in Monte-Carlo.

First set, each player holding their serves and exchanged one game each and finally lead to tie breaker, this time Dimi wanted that tie break,when last time they met, Dimi loses first set tie breaker in Indian Wells and lost second set and lost the match. He was keen on his tie break and got that.

Second set, as everyone expected Novak would fight back strongly and Dimtrov also continued playing well. There was ankle twist for Djokovic when he was about to break Dimi's game, and took medical timeout and came back and broke straight away. And Dimi breaks back and lead to another tie break. This time Dimtirov got some crank in thigh. Djoker bagged second set.

Third set, Djoker looked to continues his momentum in the third set too, but Dimi, who broke in the very first game and holds his serve and went to 2-0 lead. Dimi looked to register his first upset against top players. And he done that, after breaking the final game at 5-3 and Djoker serving.

The whole crowd(almost) is supporting 21 year old Bulgarian and he was listening to the crowd. But Djokovic is not happy with the crowd. Dimtrov fell on clay surface many times like a child playing in the clay dirt, but finally outplayed Djokovic, the world No.1.
"For 12 days after Monte Carlo, I haven’t touched the racquet… I didn’t prepare myself so well, But I’m not trying to find any excuses for the loss. I tried to do my best… All the credit also to Dimitrov, because he was the better player on the court. He was striking the ball really well, serving great, changing the pace and he deserved to win."-Djokovic

"Of course this has been what I've been working for, to play matches like that, and why not win them? Today was one of these days that I felt good on court. I felt I had enough hours of practice in the weeks before. I felt that I could actually hang with Novak the whole match. That's the whole purpose of getting ready for big events and eventually for big matches." - Dimitrov

"I thought the tie-break was pretty intense obviously, He stepped up on a few shots. He's Novak. In the end of the day, you can expect anything from him. He played a great tie-break, so I couldn't do much... Of course I tried to stay really positive. I believed in myself. I think that was the big sparkle coming into the third set"-Dimtrov

"It's a great win for me. Good day at the office. I know it's a big thing, of course. But you got to stay on the ground. Hopefully you're going to face these guys for years. You never know how it's going to be next time... You got to be ready and try to work at it every day and see it as just another test to do and something exciting to look forward"-Dimtrov

Here is the final game of the match.


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