David Ferrer reached his first ever Grandslam final

David Ferrer, the man who just don't come into mind when we say top tennis players. He never reached any grandslam final earlier. And today he cherished his dream of reaching Grandslam final and eventually wants to win his maiden slam at the age of 31. That would be quit impossible for him against Nadal. But anything can happen in Tennis ;)

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="691"] David Ferrer (photo : Roland Garros official site )[/caption]

In semi-final Ferrer thrashed Tsonga in 3 straight sets. From 0-30 down in the first game to winning the match. Ferrer showed his brilliant court coverage and not let Tsonga to get winners most of the time.
“It’s a dream for me to be in a final of a Grand Slam and Roland Garros is the one that is most important for me. It is great as well that we are both Spanish players so it’s important for the country. At the end of the day it’s sport – there are things that are more important than that – but it’s important for me and my family. And for Rafa.”- Ferrer

On the otherside, Tsonga made many unforced errors. His power game didn't work today. David was chasing everything. Ferrer was hitting deep into Tsonga baseline which forced Tsonga to play defence style and Ferrer was taking attack and eventually winning games. That's what happened yesterday.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="691"] Tsonga ( photo : Roland Garros official site )[/caption]
"My opponent didn't make a lot of mistakes, unlike Roger Federer in my last match. The plan was to be aggressive and control the baseline, but he defended well and I felt like I always had to play the perfect shot to put him out of position. He was even faster than usual, destabilising me. Maybe in a few hours or a few days I will think it was a good tournament because I reached the semis, but for now I'm just disappointed." - Tsonga

And all set for all spaniard Roland Garros final on sunday. Rafa and Ferrer played 23 times and Nadal leading H2H 19-4 and last time Ferrer won was 2011 Australian Open quarter finals. And recently Ferrer lost to Nadal twice consecutively with narrow score lines. We do hope for a great final and hope Ferrer can cherish his dream or Nadal achieves a record of 8 th Roland Garros title.

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