Rafa edges Djoker in thrilling semis

What a match.!! Don't know about the records in how much time they have played but, it was damn beautiful. Both showing aggressiveness at right times made the match more interesting. Finally, it was Rafa who got place in the final this year when Djokovic hit the ball outside the baseline. And Rafa showed that he won't lose to Novak at Roland Garros. Djoker defeated Rafa in gruelling final at Monte-Carlo this year. This is consider to be a revenge match for Rafa. Who showed his signs at the end that i'm a dictator.

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The battle of the gaints didn't disappoint at all. Both played brilliant tennis, no doubt in that. It is like final match playing for title. Everybody watching it like, whoever wins this, he will take the trophy home.

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Absolutely Stunning performance from Djoker in the 4th set. Turned into super human mode again when Rafa was serving for the match to place in his 8th final. With the momentum he won tie breaker too and eventually match went to 5th set. 5th set started with break of Nadal serve and quick hold of Novak serve and Djoker went to 2-0 lead.

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That simple smash missed by Djoker in the final set when he was about to get 5-3 lead gone when he touched net. And it was very poor game when he was at 7-8 giving 3 break points to the spaniard and playing bad at right at end of the game. A huge disappointment for Novak. He almost made it last year finals. He failed again here in semis with 4-6 6-3 1-6 7-6 7-9.

Meanwhile Ferrer win first set with 6-1 against Tsonga in another semis.

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