All set for Djoker Nadal semi final match

World no.1 Novak Djokovic is ready to face the Spain bull Rafael Nadal in the Rogers cup, Montreal today. In recent times, the match between these players is getting crazier for tennis lovers.

I'm crazy with reason that, they are better players in the world right now. They had this hidden rivalry. In Australian Open marathon match, Djoker won finally. And after that, he defeated Nadal consecutively in many final matches. I think in 7 consecutive finals. And Rafa won Roland Garros 2012, where the match was stopped due to rain. At that time, Djoker had the momentum. Many say Djoker would have won that, never knew. And this year, they fought really hard in the semi final itself. And Rafa survived this time too in his den. And, Djoker won the prestigious Monte-Carlo this year, beating 8 time defending champion Rafael Nadal. Djoker almost achieving Rafael records except Roland Garros (many to achieve ; this would be major one). Always the fans or people will go mad if two greats fighting for glory.

These two players fighting for the 36th time. Nadal edges Djoker on Head to head with 20-15. But that really doesn't matter. Eagerly waiting for the fight. And whether it would be a dance ending from Novak or roaring sighs from Rafa.

On the other side, all candian tennis match is going on. Milos Raonic vs Pospisil.


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