Fantastic Four statements

“You can't always expect somebody to be at the highest level. You know, it's normal to go up and down. That's why this sport is, in the end, very demanding, you know, physically, mentally, emotionally. In any way you turn it around, the sport is actually asking from a tennis player everything… all the commitment possible from every aspect. That's why we love it. It gives us a lot, but, you know, in return you have to work very hard in order to be the best in the world.” –Novak Djokovic

“No. 7 I don't think is a huge drop from No. 4, but people are going to say what they like. Important is that I concentrate on my game and, you know, that the passion is there, that I work the right way, that I'm prepared, and then that I feel like I can win a tournament.” – Roger Federer

“Last year I watched this event on the TV. This year I have the chance to be here. … I can lose, I can win, but only thing that is sure is I am practicing with the best I have, and I [am going to] compete with all I have.” – Rafael Nadal

“There was so much relief last year that I wasn't necessarily enjoying it as much as I should have. So when I came back and practiced on the Arthur Ashe court, you know, the memories came back, and that was nice.” – Andy Murray

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