Apple announces iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

iPhone 5S

What's special?

World's first 64bit bit A7 chip embedded in new iPhone 5S. It is desktop class architecture and there will be 40% increase in the CPU performance and 56% increase in graphics performance.

Fingerprint scanner at the home button place, which will be useful to unlock screen and when any new software is installed your finger print is compulsory. The device will read your fingerprints quickly as it learn through the time you use.

Motion co-processer, M7 is equipped to specially process your health information. It processes the information from different sensors like accelerometer.

All new 8MP camera with big pixels which will capture more light information. And uses image stabilization by taking 4 quick photos and merge them at a time. And Slo-Mo slow motion video capturing will thrill everyone.

And many extraordinary apps which you'll never expect from other operating systems like iPhoto, iMovie will be distributed without any cost.

And itunes radio will be available with new products shipped with iOS7, and some few improvements from siri too.

iPhone 5C

The world is getting colorful with their smart phones' colorful back parts. Apple just joined in the club with their new product called iPhone 5C.

What's special?

This phone has almost similar specifications except the battery life. And it will be shipped with new iOS7, world most advanced operating system.

They have reduced the manufacturing material cost by using some plastic material instead of aluminium and introduced more LTE bands.

Infact, apple almost erases iPhone 5 information in it's web site. Even for comparing models too, it is comparing with iPhone 4s, not with the earlier one iPhone 5 ( Check here).

iPhone coming at very low cost $99 with two year contract, but unlocked phone will be priced at $549 (price link)which is much expensive option.

From september 18th existing Apple users can upgrade to iOS7.

for all images and videos check here - LINK


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