Bill Gates admits 'Ctrl+Alt+Del' was a mistake

You start the day at office by pressing the three magic keys Ctrl, Alt and Del all at once. Some how it seems to be secure and make us think like Microsoft made this combination so that one cannot simply login into machine by pressing single key. But in reality it was frustrating for some one to think like why I need to press so many keys at once. The same question was asked by David Rubenstein, Harvard Campaign co-chair to Bill Gates. And Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder admitted that Ctrl+Alt+Del was a mistake. He said it was mistake from an IBM keyboard designer at that time, David Bradley. Earlier Bill asked for a single key to login, but the design was made already at that time.

David Bradley, once gave answer for the same question at 20th anniversary of IBM PC. He said
“It was like a five-minute job in doing it. I didn’t realize I was going to create a cultural icon when I did it. But I have to share the credit. I may have invented it, but I think Bill made it famous."

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