Rafa roars against Novak to win second US Open title

Yet another thrilling final between two giants of the game, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. Congratulations to Rafael Nadal for winning his 13th grandslam title. The duo produced great tennis, tough luck to Novak Djokovic who remained at top spot with some 100 ATP ranking points ahead of Rafa.

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Nadal extended his ATP head to head with 22-15 today. One thing everyone waited eagerly from these players is that they match the type of play, unlike in Fedal rivalry single hand back hand versus double-handed backhand. Novak and Rafa are named for their long baseline rallies. An average of 7 shots for rally, ranging from Ace to 54 shot rally played in the game today.
It was very, very emotional. Probably only my team knows how much it means for me.Playing against Novak always is a very special feeling. Probably nobody brings my game to that limit like Novak did." - Rafael Nadal

And total of 53 unforced errors from World No.1. Novak is really need to improve in his serve. Novak was trying to shoot every time in the rally and Nadal was chasing everything. That was good chance to take advantage when at 40-0 in the third set. Novak failed to convert at-least one of them. Nadal went on winning that game and final set was in Rafa pockets with 6-1.
He was too good. He definitely deserved to win this match today and this trophy. It’s obviously disappointing to lose a match like this, but again it was a huge privilege and honour to be fighting for this trophy.” - Novak Djokovic

It was great run for Rafa, winning all hard court matches till date this year and won the challenger winning the hard court events Roger cup, Cincinnati and US Open, and bags $1 million in his pocket additional to $2.6 million prize money.

Next tournament Davis Cup..

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