World is going flatter, companies preferring flatter logos!

 Company strategies are making them simple in looks but they are innovating more.

Google announced it's new logo which looked like washed out of the previous one. :) In the early days, the logo world is looked for all the shades and effects in the logo. But now, the strategy changed, they are moving with unique and same color across the edges. The new logo is little flatter. It doesn't seems too much changed in the logo. but the chosen color styles make the difference.

google logo

Microsoft announced it's new logo last year to all it's products Office, windows and xbox. Earlier one was a waving window flag. Which has shining edges. It was changed to more flatter and square representing it's innovative but not productive operating system, Windows 8. The new logo is more bright. visually appealing for trust.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="250"]Image representing Microsoft as depicted in Cr... Image via CrunchBase[/caption]

Microsfot's service Bing search announced it's new logo which is in the style of Microsoft's office logo.

Recently DropBox also joined this flat family with their new logo.


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