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Federer made it to World tour finals

The moment Federer won today against Anderson at Paris masters

Why IMAX is so special?

Let’s start with the basics; IMAX is an acronym for Image MAXimum. It is the film format standard set by IMAX Corporation. Experiencing IMAX will be the best experience a person will ever have.

Grigor Dimitrov vs. Roger Federer – The clash of FEDS

Ever since, Dimitrov has been called as Baby Fed, every tennis fan is eager to see a match between Fed and Dimi. And that is happening now in quarter finals at Basel.

Playing against Delpo is not that easy

Best Google Chrome extensions

Here are the best (according to my usage) Google Chrome extensions.

Search by Image (by Google)

This will allow you to search the internet with the image.

Novak bags China open for Fourth time

The tournament began with the expectation for Rafa as world no.1. That was happened. And a record 4th title for Novak, that also happened.

Nadal one match away to regain World No.1 ranking

Rafael Nadal sneaked through Fognini's fabulous tennis. He was one game away from the loss when he was at 1-4 in the second set.

How to take back up and restore sticky notes

Sticky notes is one of the best option for noting tasks and to store text to be used in different places. What if we want to format our system and want to take back up and restore it in new machine or restore it in same machine.