Delpo thrashes Rafa to play Shanghai final with Novak

Rafael Nadal was failed to find a way through Delpo's supersonic ground strokes, especially the forehands down the line.

Match started with Delpo breaking Nadal's serve and took lead 3-0. And then Nadal was able to take just 2 games in the first set before Delpo seized first set with 6-2. Everybody expected comeback for Nadal in this match. The Spaniard played in the same way, but Delpo was awesome today. Total credit to his shot making and precision in the shots.

Nadal dwelled out frustration throughout the match, as Delpo making Nadal to run between both corners of the court.

Delpo improved his head to head  to 4-8 against Nadal. Delpo lost to Rafa this year in Indian Wells finals, where he won first set and lost the match. Today's match would be given the same result if Delpo didn't show his best tennis at the right moment.

The Argentine qualified for World tour finals with this win. Nadal, Novak, Murray and Ferrer are already qualified for this event. Murray was withdrawn from this event as he is getting treatment for his back injury.

Without watching the match , just by seeing the scoreline 6-2, 6-4 someone might feel that Nadal didn't play well. But that is not the case, Delpo is at his best and Nadal's game is not effective for his furious forehands. Delpo will play Novak in sunday's final. Novak, the defending champion reached his second consecutive final after defeating Tsonga in straight sets.

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