Novak bags China open for Fourth time

The tournament began with the expectation for Rafa as world no.1. That was happened. And a record 4th title for Novak, that also happened.

Title for Djokovic was a huge relief for him, because he lost closely twice this year in Roland Garros and in US Open to Nadal. The doubt continued within himself whether he can be best enough to overcome Rafa's hurdle this year or in near future. Today this win after losing his World No.1 ranking will give a huge boost for the coming tournaments.
" I needed this win today. I really wanted to get my hands on the trophy and win against Nadal, who has been the best player so far in 2013. It's very important for my confidence. It's very important mentally and emotionally for me." - Novak Djokovic

And Nadal also felt that he didn't play his BEST game today. Both players participating in Shanghai Rolex masters next week. Hope every player plays his best to win the match.
"I didn't see the way to stop him this afternoon. This afternoon he was too strong for me. I didn't play my best match this afternoon, but he played at a very high level with his serve. " - Rafael Nadal

China open overview

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