Rafa will face Djokovic with the upgraded rank

Today former No.1 Rafael Nadal changed to current World no.1.  This didn't come overnight for him. It is a struggle of severe injury which caused him to stay away from his game that he was trained hard from childhood. He started this season with an ATP 250 event, Chile open. He reached final in that, and he won first title at Sao Paulo. And he reached every final this year except Wimbledon. Overall this year was superb for Rafael Nadal.
"I felt during the season, very excited, every time I on court. I am very excited to compete again, and compete well, and competitive against everybody. I worked hard every day with the right attitude I think, and because of that, I am today in this situation. I am No. 1 today, but it's not for the end of the season. I go to sleep tonight feeling that I am the best player of the world. That's something that I never thought, and I don't think now today. I played a very complete season, and that's why I am the best in the rankings today. Without health, nothing is possible.

Rafa will play Novak who bids his fourth title here. Rafa is also looking for his second title here and 11th title this year. Rafa is already leading the year ending championship.
"I know tomorrow I going to have a very tough opponent.  I need to play my best, playing aggressive, playing without mistakes, being solid with my serve.  If these kind of things are not happening, I will not have chances. I know what I have to do it's very difficult to do it, because the level of the opponent is unbelievable. When you achieve something important, you don't have time to celebrate [because] in a few days you will be competing and playing against a player that is trying to beat you. once a player loses, they have an opportunity to win in a similarly short time. " - Rafael Nadal on regaining first rank

Last but not least, he is well known for his fighting spirit. And he expressed on quote today
"I fight for every week, I fight every match."

On the other side, Novak also playing too much inspiring tennis. He is the man who has the No.1 ranking dream especially. He lost that today. To regain that, he will put his efforts more than possible in tomorrow's final. The contest is amazing to watch. The Rafole is happening 38th time tomorrow. And Rafa is leading with 22-15 head to head.

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