New era of tennis coaches

The trend of recruiting former champions is continuing with Roger Federer hiring Steven Edberg.
Novak Djokovic is ready to work with Boris Becker from new season. And Andy Murray is continuing his team with Ivan Lendl as coach.

This generation athletes are so desperate to achieve anything with the use of conditions. And now they team up with former Grand slam champions.  Andy Murray opted Ivan Lendl to bag his first Grandslam title. He was successful in his plan and he is wishing to continue in the next season too. Novak Djokovic, the one who is desperate to win French open this time invited Boris Becker to his team.

And surprisingly, Stefen Edberg, the childhood hero for the maestro Roger Federer ready to tie up with Roger and want to be a part of good results in 2014 hopefully.

Taking veterans as coaches is not limited to Men's tennis, Maria Sharapova also appointed Jimmy Connors as her coach last year, but she didn't get the results as she wanted. So she changed the coach to Sven Groeneveld.

This will be a definite test for the new Coaches as the first Grand Slam of the year is going to start in less than one month. God bless the tennis players and veteran coaches.

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