The Hunger Games : Catching Fire

It's been one year since Hunger Games part one was released and many of us didn't wait for this movie as many of us didn't read the book of Hunger Games or at least I'm not. But after this movie, I'm very impatient to watch next parts. Before going into movie details, watch the trailer here, in case you didn't.


The whole movie was centered around Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence). And she performed very well. The movies with revolution aspects will attract most of the audience, because everybody seeks good in the society. That's what Katniss started in the film, she was giving the hope to fight.

Soundtrack from James Newton Howard will cause more adrenaline in our bodies.

Clapping Moments

  • Of course the climax shot was awesome.

  • The speech from Katniss at district 11(if i'm not wrong) was emotional.

  • Katniss' practice court scene was impressive.

  • The girl on fire show off the fire during interview.

  • The hunger games design was good with the new architect in the film, tic-toc.


And interestingly the final part coming in two movies, and first one will release on 20th November  2014. Long time isn't it? I'll read the book in meantime.

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