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LINGA - Rajni's zuzubee!!

Spoiler alert, you should mind it.

The Rajni's movies usually attracts audience for his charismatic smile and stylish movements like punching the shirt into air.

As expected, Rajinikanth entrance in the first song was really simple just coming out from a foreign car. But that was first whistle movement. The music at that movement gave me goosebumps.

Songs picturization is fantastic, mind blowing. But the songs are not good.

We have two banda heroines. It seems Anushka forgot the gym and yoga or it is aging effect, who knows. And Sonakshi, the flashback heroine did her part quietly. And the trivia is singer Chinmayi dubbed Sonakshi.

The climax scenes shows the trademark fighting and stunts performed by our superman super star Rajni like jumping from road onto parachute. Of course we have to accept it because it is from the Taliva.

We can see the efforts put into this movie for making the scenes which Ibelongs to 1930s. Many people were moving within the feame. It was huge task to manage …

Exodus - Gods and Kings : An awful movie, but a visual wonder

Ridley Scott, the director of Gladiator, one of the movie in everyone's favourite list. Exodus:Gods and Kings is the latest movie from him.

The film is so strong in visual department featuring total Egypt set located at Spain. 3D experience was quite good in the scenes of plagues created by God against Egyptians.

It was poor casting which spoiled the movie and the character building was pathetic. Aaron Paul (that Yo guy from Breaking Bad and Marshal in Need for Speed) and the Batman fame, Christian Bale.

I did watch this film in Ratnamahal, Ongole. I didn't expect such a 3D movie experience. It was overwhelming for me in the first few minutes for the 3D visuals and expected an epic film. But in the end it was very disappointing. The movie dragged with stunning visuals and pathetic script work. There was no emotional attachment to the characters. The movie was concentrated on the visual side forgetting the story side.

After coming out from the theatre and searched for what was happ…

Lithium Ion Polymer battery

There was an interesting advertisement from LAVA mobiles showing battery drain problem will be in history soon. The basic guess would be the mobile will be shipped with higher man battery or there is change in battery technology. So I went on to see the specs of Lava Iris Fuel here and found a new term in the battery part. It was Li Pol battery of 3000mAh.

So what is Li-Pol?

It is well known fact to every smart user that the growth in battery technology is almost negligible compared to the other departments like display, processor speed, memory, camera etc.

The three key terms in battery are electrodes, electrolyte and electrolysis. The charge is accumulated at the electrodes from electrolyte during the electrolysis process. This is called charging and the accumulated charge will be discharged in discharging process.

Li-ion (Lithium-Ion) batteries are the most popular and widely used types. In this type of battery, the electrolyte is in liquid form used as conducting medium. Due to t…

The Final Show down - ATP World Tour Finals

The season ending championship, ATP World tour finals starts today. The elite eight athletes bring their best to lift this glorious title. The prestigious tournament held at O2 arena in London. And each top player eager to end the season with best result.

Novak Djokovic, current world No.1 ranking player and defending champion looking to make a Three-peat here at London O2 arena. The Serbian recently won the Bercy title and looking confident to clinch the title this year too for the fifth time. Of course, Novak confidence can’t be traversed with win or lose, his psychological strength is unmatchable to any other player. He plays in group A and opens his quest against Marin Cilic.

Roger Federer, the marathon player is record Six time champion at this final show down. He is one of the member in the circuit who considers the age as just a number. The Swiss star is aiming to finish the season with this prestigious title. As the tournament is an indoor event, Roger has great chances to produ…

Indians should slow down

I always wonder to see the quickness in Indian nerves including me in getting things done. We wait many hours in the malls, bus stops and at many places, but not at the places where common sense should be more essence.

Let me tell you with an example I faced today. We were supposed to stop before the rail gate at Surareddypalem near Ongole. As usual, many adventurous citizens of India crossing the gate even it was closed. Even god doesn't understand the hurry of them.
And we follow traffic rules like no one else in the world. Look at this picture. We are supposed to halt like this.

[caption id="attachment_2880" align="aligncenter" width="584"] Right way of waiting[/caption]

And we halt like this.

[caption id="attachment_2881" align="aligncenter" width="584"] Indians way [/caption]

And wonder what happens when the gate was opened. Complete chaos. Just like this.

[caption id="attachment_2882" align="aligncenter&q…

Oculus rift experience for Interstellar

Wait, what? Oculus rift experience?

Oculus VR is a startup company striving for making an immerse virtual reality technology that's wearable and affordable. Oculus Rift is one of that wearable product which provides you a virtual reality of the existing environment in the scene.

IMAX is giving supreme excitement to watch the films, which makes you feel that you are in the movie, not just watching it. In coming days, this Oculus thing will rule the entertaining world with its wide view angled camera projections.

See Also : Why IMAX is so special

Creative Christopher, decided to go with new way of promoting the movie. Earlier with trailers, mobile games and now with earlier shows that too with new technology, Oculus VR experience. The VR is custom made and it will be screened in the following cinemas, check more information here.

New York – AMC Lincoln Square 13 – October 6-8
Houston – AMC Gulf Pointe 30 – October 17-19
Los Angeles – AMC Universal…

Interstellar - Trailer 3

As usual, I was scrolling the Facebook news feed quickly. The scrolling stopped at one feed, that's the feed a Nolan fan would be waiting for, and there it was. Interstellar official trailer 3. Before writing something else, just watch the trailer here. Make sure you are connected to good sound system or use quality earphones for awesome beats from our guru, Hans Zimmer.

How is new trailer?

If I'm not exaggerating, it is just outstanding. The dazzling visuals is quite amazing with space color palette. And Zimmer, made his mark in the film with his new theme. Last two trailers' soundtrack was not from Hans, but this one from  him.

Coming to trailer, started with finding a surveillance jet and he may be trying to remove the cockpit. Next scene opens at a dust storm and people have to wear masks. Company logos are lined up along with our Nolan's Syncopy. Next racket launch, i think this sequence will be more exciting (of course, every scene is exciting in Nolan's mov…

Captain Philips - Another True story

As I had interest in movies based on true stories, I was excited to watch Captain Philips.
The story was about rescue of a cargo ship captained by Philips with non army people. Pirates invaded into the ship and they took captain as hostage. And they try to escape in one of the life boat. But ultimately they failed and killed by the police.

New android logo may arrive soon

After all these years, android didn't change much of it in the logo department. May be it's time for new one. LG G wrist watch boot animation showcase the new logo for Android.

The logo seems quite simple and impressive as compared to the previous one.

ps:There is no official announcement from Google.

Mother's Day poem

A tiny poem on Mother.

How to get your twitter account verified?

Recently twitter joins Rajinikanth. Sorry, Rajini joins twitter. And I wanted to follow. So I went to twitter and typed superstarajani. I typed it wrong. Yet twitter takes me to official page. Wait, and official page has 5 followers.? So I right click and inspect the element. The element of surprise went into mind when I saw the background with verfied mark. Nice work. Easy way to get your accounts verified. ;)

Race Gurram - yet another paisa vasool

Expectations are always higher than reality

The crazy combination of Allu Arjun and Surender Reddy (director of Kick) was stood at an average audience talk and collection wise block buster. Here are the things that movie failed to achieve.

Predictive screenplay. Lengthy first half, and weak climax.

B. Surendar Reddy, the director of this film was failed to reach the expectations.

As usual,Bunny performance was good. Choreography was just fine. It could be better.

Audience were shouted for Brahmanandam (Kill Bill Pandey) appearance. That was quite bigger than hero introduction.

Overall, I'm not satisfied with this film.

Congress money formula

Wise congress, cunning congress using their, our money to attract voters.

Breaking Bad - THE psychotic slow poision

A simple story line, a normal chemistry teacher (Walter H. White) trying to earn money as much as he can for his family before he was going to die. Of course, he had chosen the quicker way, cooking methamphetamine (a.k.a. crystal meth).  He joined with his former student Jesse Pinkman, a drug addict to provide financial guarantee for the next 18 years. Whether he achieved what he wanted or not was the suspense.

First Season started with not so thrilling episodes, but funny ones. Especially the YO character (Jesse Pinkman). Skyler (White's wife) gave warning to Jesse in Yo style was hilarious. Hank Schrader, Walter's brother-in-law the energetic DEA Agent energy was outstanding.

Though, Mr. White decided to do anything for his family, but the greed towards money can't stop earning more money which could be useful to his family after his death.

Well, the series was designed in way that people get lot of questions about what was going on, but the answers were right in the si…

SA lost to India in WT20 semi finals

It was a very close match between India and South Africa. It started with the beauty of Aswin carrom which tangled Amla infront of stumps and Aswin end up with 3-22.  India got quick start in chasing and the rest done by the Chasing Master Virat. And the winning shot, it so dramatic and Dhoni did great. Another loss for SA in knock out matches.

Dhoni Finishes in Style

Just for fun guys.. :)

Today happened against Bangladesh.

2048 - Simple and Addictive

Another Puzzle game, fun game or math game which makes you more addictive. It looks very simple but not.


Click on green icon at the center.

The goal of the game is to join tiles together that are the same value. When two tiles combine, they become one tile that's double the value. As the title implies, your goal is to make a tile worth 2048.

Use the arrow keys or WASD to shift all of the tiles on the board in the same direction. Every time you move the tiles, a new tile will spawn randomly with a value of either two or four.

Original version of game can be found HERE

Download Android app HERE

Download iOS app HERE

Flappy Bird Online

The most popular game in the recent times. Play here with Mouse or Keyboard.
Using mouse       : Use CLICK
Using keyboard : Use SPACE

As you know, this is not the original version of the game. The developer made an android game and that was replicated to different platforms. This is one of those variants.

Sherlock Holmes trolled

Don't under estimate the power of Telugu people :P.  They are pretty smarter than Sherlock. :) watch the meme here

Political Promises - MH370

NOTE : No offense meant for missing plane MH370. This is to illustrate the political promises how pathetic they are.

Amazing Spider man 2 - Hans Zimmer

Music department lead by our favourite Hans Zimmer. :)

didn't watch trailer? Watch it HERE


Flipkart launches another exclusive sale of Motorala product - Moto X

Laziness disease

Laziness is the ultimate disease for a progressive life. This is very well known truth. But many of us fails to overcome it. Because it is stronger than our thoughts. So to cure that, we have to think and act strongly.

Some people (eg: Bill gates) say laziness is very good to find shorter paths to solve a difficult problem. But he meant smart lazy people. Not the pure lazy ones. :P

So, how to cure it. You must realize the damage being done by it. You must feel that it is a disease and you have to take medicine from your mind for a progressive life.

Please share the curing methods that you've followed by commenting below.

Politicians - Jumping like anything

Many politicians are jumping to new parties. And the politicians are chanting "We jump like anything" :P

Prasads IMAX

Lost the opportunity to watch GRAVITY, HUNGER GAMES, HOBBIT-2 and many more.

Present Loksatta Party situation

This happened at Warangal. And the party needs donations.

If you wish to donate, click here [button size="large" type="link" value="Donate" href=""]

Canon SX50 HS Moon view

Of course, it is an old model camera, but still it set a trend.

Does it make you clear on what this camera can do?

If not, watch this video.

International CES 2014 - Best of tech kind

The tech year kick starts tomorrow with one tech show, CES (Consumer Electronic Show) at Las Vegas. Many popular companies including Intel,Lenovo and Samsung are lined up for this event to showcase the next big things in their pursuit of giving their best technology to the world and to gain new customers obviously.