International CES 2014 - Best of tech kind

The tech year kick starts tomorrow with one tech show, CES (Consumer Electronic Show) at Las Vegas. Many popular companies including Intel,Lenovo and Samsung are lined up for this event to showcase the next big things in their pursuit of giving their best technology to the world and to gain new customers obviously.
The show will have keynotes from major companies, exhibition of different gadgets and accessories, press events, award events and don't forget the supersessions

There will be top bloggers from each tech blog companies like cnet,mashable,techcrunch will be entering this event updating the geeks outside the world in real-time.

The event is the ultimate medium of communication for the tech giants to showcase what they are. Everybody is looking forward to grab the technology in the coming 4 days.

The discussions about research topics that are going around the world are really inspiring. In last year CES, Samsung introduced bending displays and hopefully they will launch them this year.

Besides to that, the world has major half of youth who are pretty successful in startups. CES is the place to recognise these splendid startups.

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