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Dhoni Finishes in Style

Just for fun guys.. :)

Today happened against Bangladesh.

2048 - Simple and Addictive

Another Puzzle game, fun game or math game which makes you more addictive. It looks very simple but not.


Click on green icon at the center.

The goal of the game is to join tiles together that are the same value. When two tiles combine, they become one tile that's double the value. As the title implies, your goal is to make a tile worth 2048.

Use the arrow keys or WASD to shift all of the tiles on the board in the same direction. Every time you move the tiles, a new tile will spawn randomly with a value of either two or four.

Original version of game can be found HERE

Download Android app HERE

Download iOS app HERE

Flappy Bird Online

The most popular game in the recent times. Play here with Mouse or Keyboard.
Using mouse       : Use CLICK
Using keyboard : Use SPACE

As you know, this is not the original version of the game. The developer made an android game and that was replicated to different platforms. This is one of those variants.

Sherlock Holmes trolled

Don't under estimate the power of Telugu people :P.  They are pretty smarter than Sherlock. :) watch the meme here

Political Promises - MH370

NOTE : No offense meant for missing plane MH370. This is to illustrate the political promises how pathetic they are.

Amazing Spider man 2 - Hans Zimmer

Music department lead by our favourite Hans Zimmer. :)

didn't watch trailer? Watch it HERE


Flipkart launches another exclusive sale of Motorala product - Moto X

Laziness disease

Laziness is the ultimate disease for a progressive life. This is very well known truth. But many of us fails to overcome it. Because it is stronger than our thoughts. So to cure that, we have to think and act strongly.

Some people (eg: Bill gates) say laziness is very good to find shorter paths to solve a difficult problem. But he meant smart lazy people. Not the pure lazy ones. :P

So, how to cure it. You must realize the damage being done by it. You must feel that it is a disease and you have to take medicine from your mind for a progressive life.

Please share the curing methods that you've followed by commenting below.

Politicians - Jumping like anything

Many politicians are jumping to new parties. And the politicians are chanting "We jump like anything" :P

Prasads IMAX

Lost the opportunity to watch GRAVITY, HUNGER GAMES, HOBBIT-2 and many more.

Present Loksatta Party situation

This happened at Warangal. And the party needs donations.

If you wish to donate, click here [button size="large" type="link" value="Donate" href=""]