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Race Gurram - yet another paisa vasool

Expectations are always higher than reality

The crazy combination of Allu Arjun and Surender Reddy (director of Kick) was stood at an average audience talk and collection wise block buster. Here are the things that movie failed to achieve.

Predictive screenplay. Lengthy first half, and weak climax.

B. Surendar Reddy, the director of this film was failed to reach the expectations.

As usual,Bunny performance was good. Choreography was just fine. It could be better.

Audience were shouted for Brahmanandam (Kill Bill Pandey) appearance. That was quite bigger than hero introduction.

Overall, I'm not satisfied with this film.

Congress money formula

Wise congress, cunning congress using their, our money to attract voters.

Breaking Bad - THE psychotic slow poision

A simple story line, a normal chemistry teacher (Walter H. White) trying to earn money as much as he can for his family before he was going to die. Of course, he had chosen the quicker way, cooking methamphetamine (a.k.a. crystal meth).  He joined with his former student Jesse Pinkman, a drug addict to provide financial guarantee for the next 18 years. Whether he achieved what he wanted or not was the suspense.

First Season started with not so thrilling episodes, but funny ones. Especially the YO character (Jesse Pinkman). Skyler (White's wife) gave warning to Jesse in Yo style was hilarious. Hank Schrader, Walter's brother-in-law the energetic DEA Agent energy was outstanding.

Though, Mr. White decided to do anything for his family, but the greed towards money can't stop earning more money which could be useful to his family after his death.

Well, the series was designed in way that people get lot of questions about what was going on, but the answers were right in the si…

SA lost to India in WT20 semi finals

It was a very close match between India and South Africa. It started with the beauty of Aswin carrom which tangled Amla infront of stumps and Aswin end up with 3-22.  India got quick start in chasing and the rest done by the Chasing Master Virat. And the winning shot, it so dramatic and Dhoni did great. Another loss for SA in knock out matches.