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Breaking Bad - THE psychotic slow poision

A simple story line, a normal chemistry teacher (Walter H. White) trying to earn money as much as he can for his family before he was going to die. Of course, he had chosen the quicker way, cooking methamphetamine (a.k.a. crystal meth).  He joined with his former student Jesse Pinkman, a drug addict to provide financial guarantee for the next 18 years. Whether he achieved what he wanted or not was the suspense.

First Season started with not so thrilling episodes, but funny ones. Especially the YO character (Jesse Pinkman). Skyler (White's wife) gave warning to Jesse in Yo style was hilarious. Hank Schrader, Walter's brother-in-law the energetic DEA Agent energy was outstanding.

Though, Mr. White decided to do anything for his family, but the greed towards money can't stop earning more money which could be useful to his family after his death.

Well, the series was designed in way that people get lot of questions about what was going on, but the answers were right in the situation itself. For example, why the hell Mr. White was killing more people for his life which was going to expire in few days any way. Why didn't he took the money offered while selling methylamine to Todd. Why he wanted to continue? Answer may be he thought the money was not enough and he wanted to do empire business.

As the episodes were going, the excitement and interest increased. Especially the last two seasons were very good. Fast forward scenes at different locations were great to watch.

I felt FLY episode in season 3 was nonsense.

Usually, people hate the villain character. But Breaking Bad is quite different though. Hating Walter few times or in fact many times for his psychotic conversations is not so strange feeling. Not only Walter, but his wife also made me say "Come on Skyler, just go off the screen. I don't want to see you". The best anti-hero TV series in my opinion.

I must say, everybody did their jobs perfectly but Walter White (Bryan Cranston) was just awesome. Few iconic dialogues of Walt.
I Won.

Now say my name.

I'm the one who knock the door.

Overall, this is a must see TV series for learning how money can do the things to your life. And to learn how to make deals :)

What's your view on Breaking Bad? Comment below.


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