Captain Philips - Another True story

As I had interest in movies based on true stories, I was excited to watch Captain Philips.
The story was about rescue of a cargo ship captained by Philips with non army people. Pirates invaded into the ship and they took captain as hostage. And they try to escape in one of the life boat. But ultimately they failed and killed by the police.

Very intelligent captain. Pirates tuned to captains radio frequency. Captain showed his smartness to scare the pirate troop by saying two voices through the radio. But the rebel pirate didn't count those silly tricks, he was reaching to the ship very quickly.
Meanwhile the captain made his arrangements inside the ship. As the working people in the ship didn't know how to fight, the captain quickly trained them to play hide and seek.
Such a deceiving power to the police, they can do gambling with the extremely difficult people.

I really enjoyed the screenplay of this movie, very exciting. Definite watch for "based on true story" lovers and suspense seekers.

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