10 best android apps for knowledge hunters

The world is moving too fast and it is good to have few apps installed in your mobile that keep you updated with latest trends in technology and some major things happening in different categories like politics, sports etc.

Well, I won't say it is mandatory to read every story.

1. Flipboard
Flip board helps you in segregating the news with a beautiful flip animation effect and a magazine look. Flipboard also pulls content from social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. It also get feeds from YouTube. Perhaps it is the best app of it's kind. We can search for keywords and then we can follow for later updates on that keyword.

2. Stumble upon
Do you like reading random articles on your favorite topics? Then this app is must. This app let you choose your interested topics and then it gives random links in it.

3. LinkedIn Pulse
This is very similar to flipboard, except the fact that pulse won't pull content from social networking sites and it has horizontal scrolling and vertical scrolling. Pulse has been taken by linked in recently.

4. Times of India
I had seen an advertisement of Hindu news paper saying read our new paper and stay ahead of times. But in reality, I don't like Hindu mobile app. And times of India is very good app over Hindu. TOI has beautiful interface with red theme color. It has attractive reading text font.

5. Reddit is fun
This app is mobile version of most popular link sharing website Reddit. The recent version of this got much better user interface and fixed many bugs. This is really cool app to explore trending and popular news.

6. Newshunt
The most popular news reading app in India. It takes RSS feeds from almost all Indian news paper and put them infilling you and all you need to do is swipe and read. It also added books soon recently.

7. Google Play newsstand
Google predicted the user's thirst for knowledge and awareness and included one default in its android operating system, which is play newsstand. It was neatly designed. Pretty colorful look on the top bar for each category of news. A beautiful swipe transition effect for both in category section and in articles section. Earlier Google had Google currents for latest news, it was merged to this newsstand application.

8. Issuu
If you are interested to read magazines, this app may be a good choice. It provides many free magazines in many categories. The use interface is clean and simple.

9. BBC world
One of the best news application which covers international news. The future and analysis section is very good and we can also watch headlines video if you are in a rush.

10. Umano
Lot many people are not interested to read content for long time. We do postpone articles for later reading and they are keep coming. By using this app we can listen to the articles. We can listen to them just like listening songs.

Try those apps and wrote what you feel in the comments. Or if I miss anything, write them also.

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