Drushyam - A thrilling experience

I started to believe in a superstition on watching trendsetting movies in Sri Ramana theater. Earlier I watched 1 Nenokkadine, the ultimate movie for the Telugu audience who need some sort of change in the regular commercial films.

A super hit film Drishyam in Malayalam remaked in Telugu as Drushyam. When Suresh productions ready to do the feat, many were happy to see it as the production got good name and exclusively with Venkatesh. And suresh productions collaborated with wide angle productions.
Venkatesh is one that of type person who is ready to take the risk to give something new to Tollywood. He is ready to do the same by playing Rambabu character played by Mohanlal in Malayalam. Venkatesh is highly experienced actor for family oriented movies. And he proved the same in Drushyam. He was best suited in the film as a father who can do everything to protect his children and as a husband who do some romantic things with his wife (Meena).
I must write about the children in the movie, Kruthika Jayakumar as Anju and Baby Esther as Anu. They might be younger than many artists in the movie, but their acting was outstanding.
Soundtrack for this movie is quite good. Sharrath did a fine job in not letting the audience to get bored with the slow screenplay.
At the beginning of the film, it was very slow and it just looked like watching Telugu serial in big screen. And I also felt few unnecessary dialogs between Venki and Meena. But as the movie progressed, it was good and exciting to watch.
I considered this movie is different to normal 654 ( 6 songs, 5 fights, 4 jokes) formula based movies. And if you watched Prisoners, this will be of similar excitement.

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