Interstellar - Trailer 3

As usual, I was scrolling the Facebook news feed quickly. The scrolling stopped at one feed, that's the feed a Nolan fan would be waiting for, and there it was. Interstellar official trailer 3. Before writing something else, just watch the trailer here. Make sure you are connected to good sound system or use quality earphones for awesome beats from our guru, Hans Zimmer.

How is new trailer?

If I'm not exaggerating, it is just outstanding. The dazzling visuals is quite amazing with space color palette. And Zimmer, made his mark in the film with his new theme. Last two trailers' soundtrack was not from Hans, but this one from  him.

Coming to trailer, started with finding a surveillance jet and he may be trying to remove the cockpit. Next scene opens at a dust storm and people have to wear masks. Company logos are lined up along with our Nolan's Syncopy. Next racket launch, i think this sequence will be more exciting (of course, every scene is exciting in Nolan's movie ;) ).

And we can see Michael Caine, the permanent artist in Nolan crew inspiring Mattthew to save the world. And the space ship just crossed Saturn, and going away from Solar system towards galaxy. The beats at Nolan title giving goosebumps by the way. And If you observe, the new walking robot at 1:24, it's kinda new to me, i've never seen that kind before.

We got this far by any human in the history; Well we are not far enough.

We have some landing visuals of ship.

Where is the mountains? ; those are not mountains, they are waves.

Of course, they will survive from those waves and make this film an epic. With this trailer, the excitement just got bulkier.

Didn't watch the earlier trailers?

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Share your views on these trailers.

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