How touch screen works?

Touch, the regular action a person make every single day. But how the touch understood by the processor inside our devices? Here is the neat explanation for how a touch event works. And this flash tutorial also featuring about multi-touch event working.

source: Magnals

I hope you got better understanding of the things. Let me ask a question, if we touch the screen with gloves or with any cloth, many device screens won't respond to the touch. That is due to the fact that they can't disturb the electrostatic field beneath the screen. But, few mobile phones from Apple, Nokia, Samsung offering the touch with gloves, how they are doing it?

Answer is super sensitive touch, which automatically adjust the sensitivity to the touching material, either it may be glove or nail. This features is available in few mobile phones and will be available for larger base as and when the cost to make is economical.

Here is another interesting video from Jeff Han at TED about the touch-driven computer screens.

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