Lithium Ion Polymer battery

There was an interesting advertisement from LAVA mobiles showing battery drain problem will be in history soon. The basic guess would be the mobile will be shipped with higher man battery or there is change in battery technology. So I went on to see the specs of Lava Iris Fuel here and found a new term in the battery part. It was Li Pol battery of 3000mAh.

So what is Li-Pol?

It is well known fact to every smart user that the growth in battery technology is almost negligible compared to the other departments like display, processor speed, memory, camera etc.

The three key terms in battery are electrodes, electrolyte and electrolysis. The charge is accumulated at the electrodes from electrolyte during the electrolysis process. This is called charging and the accumulated charge will be discharged in discharging process.

Li-ion (Lithium-Ion) batteries are the most popular and widely used types. In this type of battery, the electrolyte is in liquid form used as conducting medium. Due to this liquid type, battery will be damaged over the time. And the shape of battery may change due to over charging.

Li-Pol stands for Lithium ion polymer. This type of batteries uses polymer type material as conducting material unlike liquid type in Li-ion. Due to this reason, the batteries can be made more compact and self discharging is quite slower compared to the other type. And hence the higher stand by time.

Not only Lava mobiles, few other mobiles like Lenovo VZ2, iPhone 5s also having these Li-pol batteries and deliviering outstanding standby time.

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