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LINGA - Rajni's zuzubee!!

Spoiler alert, you should mind it.

The Rajni's movies usually attracts audience for his charismatic smile and stylish movements like punching the shirt into air.

As expected, Rajinikanth entrance in the first song was really simple just coming out from a foreign car. But that was first whistle movement. The music at that movement gave me goosebumps.

Songs picturization is fantastic, mind blowing. But the songs are not good.

We have two banda heroines. It seems Anushka forgot the gym and yoga or it is aging effect, who knows. And Sonakshi, the flashback heroine did her part quietly. And the trivia is singer Chinmayi dubbed Sonakshi.

The climax scenes shows the trademark fighting and stunts performed by our superman super star Rajni like jumping from road onto parachute. Of course we have to accept it because it is from the Taliva.

We can see the efforts put into this movie for making the scenes which Ibelongs to 1930s. Many people were moving within the feame. It was huge task to manage …

Exodus - Gods and Kings : An awful movie, but a visual wonder

Ridley Scott, the director of Gladiator, one of the movie in everyone's favourite list. Exodus:Gods and Kings is the latest movie from him.

The film is so strong in visual department featuring total Egypt set located at Spain. 3D experience was quite good in the scenes of plagues created by God against Egyptians.

It was poor casting which spoiled the movie and the character building was pathetic. Aaron Paul (that Yo guy from Breaking Bad and Marshal in Need for Speed) and the Batman fame, Christian Bale.

I did watch this film in Ratnamahal, Ongole. I didn't expect such a 3D movie experience. It was overwhelming for me in the first few minutes for the 3D visuals and expected an epic film. But in the end it was very disappointing. The movie dragged with stunning visuals and pathetic script work. There was no emotional attachment to the characters. The movie was concentrated on the visual side forgetting the story side.

After coming out from the theatre and searched for what was happ…