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Why do people 'Like/Share' so much?

In the era of high speed social networking, sharing is so simple. Why do people share? The most probable answer will be to let their circle of friends know what he/she is up-to, or to create memories which eventually used by Analytic engines to find your pattern of doing things. After sharing, the next phase is Liking it. So why do people like/share so much? Here are the reasons that we assume correct . Want their friends to observe it Genuinely liked it To build a virtual personalityPeople like/share technology related videos only and they share too often. Of course it floods the friends' news feed and also causes irritation To keep in the activity log for later useLiterally hundreds of posts coming daily for a normal user. User likes so many pages, make so many friends. So many pages and so many friends gives so many posts. It's hard to find what you have liked earlier once you move a day. The liked or shared items will reside in the activity log for sure which will be used to …


When I started watching I thought it was just a Formula 1 race movie. But it is not. The film was based on the real events. And it was about the rivalry between two passionate car drivers Niki Lauda and James Hunt in Formula 1 racing. Hans Zimmer made his mark on the movie with outstanding background score. The rivalry between Niki Lauda and James Hunt on the track was truly inspirational. Both started their career with difficulties. Niki stood against parents' wish to see himself as a businessman. And he loaned from bank and payed to team to become a member of BRM. but with his expertise on the car mechanics and driving capabilities, he signed with Ferrari. And on the other side, James Hunt was blessed with the team he has who bought one Formula 1 car, Hesketh. But later he moved to McLaren in the dramatic conditions. The weather conditions were terrible in German just before the race begun and the circuit had many turns, and it was very hard to drive. Since, it was last in the …

Kick 2 - Gave no Kick as Kick 1

Evadi problem vaadu solve cheskovali.Bramhi dance baga pandindi.Rakul preeth Singh finally played some role with acting scopeI don't understand why the movie makers just spoil the feel of the movie with inserting songs, especially item songs right in the middle of the movie from no where.(English lo ne tittadaniki baguntadi paddathiga)Idela undante chettu mundaa, vittanam munda annattuntadi. Directors emo commercial elements lekapothe audience theatre ki raaru antaru. Audience emo directors ki kothaga teeyatam raadu antaru. Ee never ending cycle eppatiki marutundo.Maddali sivareddy is now Solman thakur. Perlu matram bhale pedutunnarabba.Kick 3 anta malli, Kick 40 daaka veltadanukunta Ee surendar babu garu.

Rahul Gandhi calls KCR minimodi

Salman or other, rule is rule and it for all

Ravindra Patil, bodygaurd for Salman Khan at that time had given statement honestly and stood as strong evidence for hit and run case. The crime was happened in 2002. Now we are in 2015.

Read What salman did to Ravindra Patil

If Salman had accepted crime, did his time in prison and started Being Human thing with realisation. He would have won many hearts than what he has now. Instead, what he did, he tried to escape punishment. But truth triumphs at the end of the day.
What happens in India is, you commit a crime and make sure you prolong it for more days so that the evidence is destroyed or damaged. All that guilty feeling of committing mistake and not accepting and still able to make expressions on screen, that's great thing.

4 things why I stopped watching IPL live

Live cricket is awesome to watch. But not this IPL cricket. Here are the  four things that make me watch only highlights, but not live.
1. That stupid hindi font on screen
Arey baba, I understand that you want to promote Hindi as national language. But don't try to force us to see Hindi every time.
2. More annoying Hindi commentary
I used to learn the formation of sentences in English from English commentary. I'm not saying Hindi commentary is bad or good. But I like it to be in English.
3. IPL or APL (Advertising Premiere League)
There will be more number of ads than the no. of balls in the match. IPL is pure business stunt.
The match begins, hope fully there is no wicket in the last ball or first ball of over. Ads will irritate you. And we have timeouts. God save them. If there is a wicket, they won't show you replay, immediately they go for ads and if possible they show the replay.
4. Poor umpiring
There are many instances which took big inside edges before hitting leg, and u…

Imagine India

I had given supreme power of imagining my country for the coming years in my dreams.
And I didn't hesitate to quote my thoughts for it.

1. Stop Reservations for god sake
People are missing Simple logic. People got reservations earlier because of their financial and social standards of living was well below the poverty line when compared to a common person. People get benefited. Now it's time to stop it. Stopping reservations? Seriously?

[Me = Me, iVoice = Inner voice]

Me         : why do you want to stop reservation ?
iVoice    : I don't want reservation to be stopped completely. Suppose a poor backward caste student was unable to cope up with the so called rich general student, let him take reservation so that he will be equal to compete for the jobs available.
[After completion of degree]
Why the hell Govt. is bringing reservation criteria for equally qualified students for the same job. It is severely tampering the chances of ge…

s/o Sathyamurthy - trivikram's celluloid

Exactly 24hrs mundu, For Paul ani title padagane balcony seat nundi lechi 3D glasses ni theatre vadi mohana visiresi, tala noppitho bayatikochi, repanna Manchi movie choodam le ani anukunna.Ivala choosa oka manchi movie : s/o sathyamurthy- viluvale aasthi.
Osari trailer choodandi saradaga.  [Spoilers Ahead...] Movie ela undante, ekkada bore kottakunda, ekkada kuda scene choodadaniki siggu padela undakunda, ye song kuda nidrapoye time la lekunda, edo kasepu navvukoni marchipoyela kakunda, mana jeevana vidhananni alochimpa chesela, family tho kalisi theatre ki vachinapudu siggu padakunda undela, oka trivikram movie la.

Yevade Subrahmanyam?

Trailer bagunte cinema bagodani chala sarlu experience ina tarvata, trailer ye nachakunda vellina cinema - Yevade Subrahmanyam. [Spoilers ahead.. careful] Intha branded samajam lo first day nani cinema entra, idemaina pawan kalyan, Mahesh movie na ane vallandaroo tappaka choodalsina movie. Ilanti theme unna stories ni produce cheyadaniki mundukostunna producers ki nijamga hats off.

Malli Malli idi rani roju

Definitely a movie which one should watch with more feel than anyone in this world. I'm stressing the word "feel" here.
There was too much lecture in this movie which tortures a common man.
Cinematography was fantastic. And it was pretty good to watch it colorfully. Especially the beach scenes were excellent.
Too boring second half. The script was full of poems, not just dialogues.
Background score was quite good. Apt for this kinda movie.
Overall head ache movie for me, I didn't feel the movie or it was just like that only.

India vs Pakistan -true story

India can lose now

Everyone get their slice - the story of politicians

The politicians visits all the middle class people's houses for votes. The same middle class people will wander around the MLA/MP's house to have justice. Wait, do people go only/mainly for justice? I don't think so, or anyone do think so. most of the meetings' agenda will be settlements, recommendations, illegal land acquisition, drink and drive cases etc.
We very much know how the system works. Some X will give huge fund as party fund for some A party. The A party will accept it, why not? It's all about money bro. Party need money to maintain people. So they invite X. What next? X starts election canvassing by bearing the expenditure of boys (beers/biryanis), giving money for voters usually on per vote basis. Many voters will show the honesty here, we took money so we vote for X. And eventually X wins elections.
Politicians are also humans, they expect to earn profits when they invest something. So they ask the government to start the everlasting projects which …

Novak Djokovic triumphs Australian Open for a record 5th time!!

Novak Djokovic prevailed upon Andy Murray to clinch Australian Open championship for a record 5th time. The world no.1 took the 8th grand slam title and tied the record with Agassi in no.of majors. The Becker trained boy smashes Mauresmo's student here at Melbourne. It was another disappointing loss for Andy, losing all four finals here.

Andy was very tough in the first two sets. But Novak was too good for Murray in the mental standards.Murray loses rhythm completely and missing easy volleys making many errors.

Murray got the first break in the 7th game from 4-1 to 4-3. The confident Britt try to level the score, but the Serbian prevailed and broke back to take the lead to 5-3 even he peaked off some skin when he slipped at net. Remember this is Australian Open championship match, Murray recalled it and broke Novak serve again to take score 5-4, 5-5. And both went on to hold their serves to play the first tie break. And Novak started with one double fault. With the strong back ha…

I - Anthaku minchi

Vikram garu, meeku dandesi dandam pettochu. Ledu ledu anthaku minchi edaina cheyali. Merentha kasta paddaro telustundi. Abbah aa kandalu, abbah aa styluu. Mee acting gurinchi ee cinema choosi cheppakarla. Siva putrudu nundi Choostunnam. Aparichitudu lo adarakottaru. You are just like our batman (Christian Bale). Huge respect. _/_

Amy, you the beauty. Your chemistry and Vikram physics came out to be a pleasant love story. Your makeup and styles in few songs recalled me of Lady Gaga.

Adurs lo brahmi nayan ki try chestunnadani easy gane telustundi. Same alage, mana cinema lo doctor uncle ni uncluu ani pilavaddante vaade villain ani artham kada. Ee vishayamlo shankar flop ayyadabba. Story antha telisipoyela teeste chivarlo a film by shankar ani veskunnav endukayya. Shankar movie ante koddiga thrill,suspense expect chestam ga.

1 nenokkadine cinema lo laga, cinema chivararlo cinema title meaning ento arthamindi. I ante oka virus name ani. Dark night rises lo Christian Bale(Bruce Wayne) chi…

Draws out for Australian Open 2015

2015 Australian open draws out today. We have Novak, Delpo, Wawrinka, Raonic and Nishikori in the first half. And Federer, Nadal, Murray, Berdych and Dimitrov stayed in the second half.

Top seed Novak Djokovic will begin his campaign against a qualifier. Australian Open is very special to him and he is more successful here than other Grand slam events.

Wawrinka, the defending champion of Aus Open will face Ilhan in the first round. He is looking confident this season.Nishikori, the emerging player last year would like to continue the same this year too.

He would have been a better player than he is now if the injuries are away from him. His forehand is fearsome. He can easily tip the game away from top players. He is Juan Martine Del Potro. The Argentine is ready to begin the slam against Jerzy Janowicz . Perhaps this is the best first round match.

The other big match in the first round is between third seed Rafael Nadal takes on Michael Youzhny. Rafa, didn't play much tennis in the l…

Samsung releases first Tizen smart phone

'Samsung Z' released today. Why so much buzz around it? Samsung usually release many mobiles every month. But the speciality of this phone is, it loaded with Tizan mobile OS, not android.

Tizen is an open source operating system for mobiles, tablets, TVs and GPS devices etc. Tizen works based on Linux kernel. This open-source project backed by Intel and Samsung. The operating system is Open source. But the SDK is proprietary and free to download (freeware).

It's pretty bold move from Samsung to release a new mobile with tizen os to compete against the well settled and strong market holders like android and iOS. The app store of android and ios filled with millions of apps. So what makes Tizen to settle in the mobile market.

Tizen gives great support for html5 apps. It provides consistency in all the platforms right from TV to the bulbs in your home. It may be a strategic move from Samsung to emerge Tizan which will play crucial role in the coming days. Homes will be connected…

Happy Bhogi

అందరికి భోగి శుభాకాంక్షలు
Festivals are celebrated certainly with a cause behind it. We don't need believe in superstitions or whatever we name it, rather we apply it for better life.

Put a fire to your evil thoughts

And today we put a fire in front of our houses is the tradition. We do this because, we burn the evil thoughts in the fire along with old items and flourish your life with New thoughts.

Revealing secrets at the End Soundtrack

This track best suits for the climax situations in the movies with suspense and thriller genres. Just like in Pizza movie.

[soundcloud url="" params="auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true" width="100%" height="450" iframe="true" /]

Six best things at CES 2015

Just like every year, CES brought us many awesome things. Here are few of them which seem more awesome.

6. LG GFlex2.
LG ready to release its robust and flexible phone yet. It is the successor of LG's first version LG Gflex. It's good effort to make these kind of mobiles so that we buy at high price and we try to bend it or drop it from a height to test its robustness. :p
Learn more here->

5. 8K LED glassless 3D tv from Samsung.
There's lot of buzz around putting more number of pixels in the screen for getting finer and finer images on the display. The resolution started from 720p (HD), 1080p(Full HD), 4K (Ultra HD) and now 8K (Super UHD,not official). Samsung, the leader delivering new things mounted a huge TV with resolution of 8K. And that's not just a normal 3D TV, it is a glassless 3D. Finally they understood the difficulties of the spectacle guys. But we may miss the near end effect of 3D glasses.

4. Samsung wireless Gear VR stuff