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I - Anthaku minchi

Vikram garu, meeku dandesi dandam pettochu. Ledu ledu anthaku minchi edaina cheyali. Merentha kasta paddaro telustundi. Abbah aa kandalu, abbah aa styluu. Mee acting gurinchi ee cinema choosi cheppakarla. Siva putrudu nundi Choostunnam. Aparichitudu lo adarakottaru. You are just like our batman (Christian Bale). Huge respect. _/_

Amy, you the beauty. Your chemistry and Vikram physics came out to be a pleasant love story. Your makeup and styles in few songs recalled me of Lady Gaga.

Adurs lo brahmi nayan ki try chestunnadani easy gane telustundi. Same alage, mana cinema lo doctor uncle ni uncluu ani pilavaddante vaade villain ani artham kada. Ee vishayamlo shankar flop ayyadabba. Story antha telisipoyela teeste chivarlo a film by shankar ani veskunnav endukayya. Shankar movie ante koddiga thrill,suspense expect chestam ga.

1 nenokkadine cinema lo laga, cinema chivararlo cinema title meaning ento arthamindi. I ante oka virus name ani. Dark night rises lo Christian Bale(Bruce Wayne) chivarlo kanipinchinattu vikram chivarlo kanipinchesariki koddiga happy ga feel ayyam.

Story vishayanikoste, oka popular model, growth tattukoleni chuttupakkala vaari valla ela nasanam ayyadu; Aa nasananiki revenge ga Vikram em chesadu.
I should admit the fact that screenplay was nice. Not so confusing. Back and forth, past and present screenplay. Songs picturization was fantastic, mind blowing. Cinema lo cinema kanna ads ekkuvunnai. Of course avi bagunnai. Bayata cheskunte aa products anna popular ayyevi.

Babu patalani teluguloki direct ga translate cheyoddu, vinaleka chastunnam. Monna linga, ivala 'I'.
Issak tari song enta bagundo, YouTube lo boledu sarlu choosa. Deenemma jeevitham pareshanu iyyanu ani translate chesi, mammalni pareshan chesav kadantra ayya. Lingaa Patalu assalu arthamayi savala, adi vere vishayam. Rahman bhayya ela istunnavayya ee tunes ni thaman ki potiga. Fights kosam background score konchem kottaga western music moginchav, lucky ga bagunnai.

Mottam meeda cheppukochedi endante cinemani guarantee ga choodali, kani cinema shankar cinema ani manesi, vikram cinema ani choodali. I -manoharudu ani title pettaru, I - anthaku minchi ani pettalsindi.

Anthaku minchi emanna comment cheyadalchukunte kinda rayandi.


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