Samsung releases first Tizen smart phone

'Samsung Z' released today. Why so much buzz around it? Samsung usually release many mobiles every month. But the speciality of this phone is, it loaded with Tizan mobile OS, not android.

Tizen is an open source operating system for mobiles, tablets, TVs and GPS devices etc. Tizen works based on Linux kernel. This open-source project backed by Intel and Samsung. The operating system is Open source. But the SDK is proprietary and free to download (freeware).

It's pretty bold move from Samsung to release a new mobile with tizen os to compete against the well settled and strong market holders like android and iOS. The app store of android and ios filled with millions of apps. So what makes Tizen to settle in the mobile market.

Tizen gives great support for html5 apps. It provides consistency in all the platforms right from TV to the bulbs in your home. It may be a strategic move from Samsung to emerge Tizan which will play crucial role in the coming days. Homes will be connected to internet and you can control the bulbs right from your office. And the window will open for more innovative apps as the internet of things also connected to this Tizan.

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