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Six best things at CES 2015

Just like every year, CES brought us many awesome things. Here are few of them which seem more awesome.

6. LG GFlex2.
LG ready to release its robust and flexible phone yet. It is the successor of LG's first version LG Gflex. It's good effort to make these kind of mobiles so that we buy at high price and we try to bend it or drop it from a height to test its robustness. :p
Learn more here->

5. 8K LED glassless 3D tv from Samsung.
There's lot of buzz around putting more number of pixels in the screen for getting finer and finer images on the display. The resolution started from 720p (HD), 1080p(Full HD), 4K (Ultra HD) and now 8K (Super UHD,not official). Samsung, the leader delivering new things mounted a huge TV with resolution of 8K. And that's not just a normal 3D TV, it is a glassless 3D. Finally they understood the difficulties of the spectacle guys. But we may miss the near end effect of 3D glasses.

4. Samsung wireless Gear VR stuff
Samsung made its own console to experience the VR(Virtual Reality) just like Oculus VR. But this Gear VR is a wireless one. And Gear VR headset is for end costumers whereas Oculus VR headset is for developers.
Learn about Oculus VR

This Gear VR headset works with Galaxy 4 phone. An android app branded as Milk VR will be streaming the content to headset from phone.

3. Self driving auto mobiles
From now onwards, you can't hit anyone intentionally if you drive the BMW new series car. This car instantly applies breaks if it faces an obstacle in front of it. even you want to accelerate, you can't anything.
BMW also providing automatic parking and can be controlled via an app from your smart watch.

Not just BMW, Mercedes also lined up in the CES to showcase their digital concept car for the future which accommodates 4 people and the windows of the car is used as display screens.

2. 3D Printed Pizza
The era of 3D printing just produced another cool thing which makes prints pizza in the dimension we want. This was brought you by XYZ 3D printers. However you should heat the printed ingredients for a while before serving.

1. Drones from Intel using Real sense
It's no longer a sci-fi movie thing to fly the automated drones in a new place. We saw them in many movies like Prometheus flying drones capturing the entire region automatically. Intel came up with the real sense technology which captures the visual region not only in XY dimensions but also in A dimension, which they call it as 'depth'. The depth parameter estimates the distance from the obstacle to be camera and correspondingly the drone moves. In the demo they have shown, the drone perfectly travelled through the obstacles they had arranged.

We also have the exclusive Music player (Walkman)  from Sony which produces stunning audio as they say. And a 4K camcoder with supreme image stabilization.


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