Everyone get their slice - the story of politicians

The politicians visits all the middle class people's houses for votes. The same middle class people will wander around the MLA/MP's house to have justice. Wait, do people go only/mainly for justice? I don't think so, or anyone do think so. most of the meetings' agenda will be settlements, recommendations, illegal land acquisition, drink and drive cases etc.
We very much know how the system works. Some X will give huge fund as party fund for some A party. The A party will accept it, why not? It's all about money bro. Party need money to maintain people. So they invite X. What next? X starts election canvassing by bearing the expenditure of boys (beers/biryanis), giving money for voters usually on per vote basis. Many voters will show the honesty here, we took money so we vote for X. And eventually X wins elections.
Politicians are also humans, they expect to earn profits when they invest something. So they ask the government to start the everlasting projects which can get more commission to X like candidates. X intern will help the contractors who are working under him in giving the project tenders. This help is also chargeable!! And contractor is also a human, he need profits when he invest. So the quality of that contract work is supremely compromised. Obviously the contractor invests something on QA (Quality Assignment) team for giving good certificate. The end result of this process is unsatisfactory, low quality work which is irritable to common people. So they are so angry on the current government and they eagerly wait for next elections.
Voters are also humans, if they invest something(vote) they expect profit. And the profit is paid by the politicians just before the elections so that voters will remember the name of the customer/politician. And especially the voter should remember the party name for which he is currently working. They simply switch between parties.
So everybody gets profits, but the amounts vary. The profit is proportional to the investment.

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