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Imagine India

I had given supreme power of imagining my country for the coming years in my dreams.
And I didn't hesitate to quote my thoughts for it.

1. Stop Reservations for god sake
People are missing Simple logic. People got reservations earlier because of their financial and social standards of living was well below the poverty line when compared to a common person. People get benefited. Now it's time to stop it. Stopping reservations? Seriously?

[Me = Me, iVoice = Inner voice]

Me         : why do you want to stop reservation ?
iVoice    : I don't want reservation to be stopped completely. Suppose a poor backward caste student was unable to cope up with the so called rich general student, let him take reservation so that he will be equal to compete for the jobs available.
[After completion of degree]
Why the hell Govt. is bringing reservation criteria for equally qualified students for the same job. It is severely tampering the chances of ge…

s/o Sathyamurthy - trivikram's celluloid

Exactly 24hrs mundu, For Paul ani title padagane balcony seat nundi lechi 3D glasses ni theatre vadi mohana visiresi, tala noppitho bayatikochi, repanna Manchi movie choodam le ani anukunna.Ivala choosa oka manchi movie : s/o sathyamurthy- viluvale aasthi.
Osari trailer choodandi saradaga.  [Spoilers Ahead...] Movie ela undante, ekkada bore kottakunda, ekkada kuda scene choodadaniki siggu padela undakunda, ye song kuda nidrapoye time la lekunda, edo kasepu navvukoni marchipoyela kakunda, mana jeevana vidhananni alochimpa chesela, family tho kalisi theatre ki vachinapudu siggu padakunda undela, oka trivikram movie la.