Imagine India

I had given supreme power of imagining my country for the coming years in my dreams.
And I didn't hesitate to quote my thoughts for it.

1. Stop Reservations for god sake
People are missing Simple logic. People got reservations earlier because of their financial and social standards of living was well below the poverty line when compared to a common person. People get benefited. Now it's time to stop it. Stopping reservations? Seriously?

[Me = Me, iVoice = Inner voice]

Me         : why do you want to stop reservation ?
iVoice    : I don't want reservation to be stopped completely. Suppose a poor backward caste student was unable to cope up with the so called rich general student, let him take reservation so that he will be equal to compete for the jobs available.
[After completion of degree]
Why the hell Govt. is bringing reservation criteria for equally qualified students for the same job. It is severely tampering the chances of general candidates for proving themselves in the professional life. So candidates looking for alternatives, going to private organizations, leaving India, going abroad. So it is necessary to remove reservation FROM this stage.
The current situation is employees are getting reservations for promotions too. What kind of logic is this. The general candidate and reservation candidate joined the company same time, why reserved candidate get reservation again at the promotion stage. This is highly unacceptable. Give me one good reason supporting this?
Now the next stage, both general and reserved candidates entered into their married lives. And they have children. Let's compare the children of both reserved and unreserved, both of their fathers have almost same financial standards but the reservation continues. Why? Why should we have this situation in the future. 

Me        : So how can we stop reservation?
iVoice   : I don't know, I'm just imaging for now.
One cannot simply stop reservation. We should encourage a system which can choose the right people for reservation for a decent period of time.

An official 100m running race between X and Y is going to start. X finished in 10 seconds, and Y finished in 15 seconds. Y is the winner. because Y got reservation                                                             - Current Situation.

An official 100m running race between X and Y is going to start. X finished in 10 seconds, and Y finished in 15 seconds. X is the winner. because X defeated Y in a competition                                                                         - Situation we wanted

 Suppose Y was not well trained because of his/her financial standards, give reservation for Y, so that there will be a fair competition. 

2. I want my country to stop transacting black money. 

Let's go to any sub-registrar office. Person X is selling a property to person Y. X asks officer to evaluate his property. The evaluated value is very much below the market rate or actual rate for which he is selling. The Govt. assumes Y pays only the evaluated amount to X. But that’s not the case in reality. So X will get extra money which is not filed. i.e., Black money. This is a simple example of black money. 

 Me      :  Stop it!! As if you are following the rules. Would you ask the buyer to give only the evaluated money? 

iVoice :  I won't do it. Why should only I suffer? Ask Govt. to maintain proper system. Then we all follow. 

Me     : Have you heard King and milk story. When King asked people to pour one glass of milk in a big container. Everybody thinks miserably and pour one glass of water instead of milk and assumes it won't count. At the end of the day, the container filled with only water. We are also thinking in the same way. 

iVoice : Don't give free advices. You don't know the pain/loss if we sell the property at the evaluated rate. Out of 100, 99 feel the same. People mindset is tricky. They want trust on Govt. policies. 

Me      : So how do we stop this? 
iVoice : Don't use physical money (in Notes). Use only Debit/Credit cards for transactions. Put strict rules to use swipe machines at all places. Or use swipe machines for transactions which are over Rs.1000/Rs.5000

3. Farmers getting benefits 
As Interstellar and many other Hollywood movies imagined the earth after few hundred years. The world doesn't need more engineers. They need farmers. We should be proud of having many farmers in our country. And we should also feel sad for ourselves for not supporting Agriculture . Sometimes I wonder, why I didn’t choose Teacher/Farmer as my career. An educated and well behaved person may turn into a teacher and make quality students. A teacher can be the best choice to transform the generation to another level. An educated person may become farmer and bring new methods and yield profits. And on long run, he/she may introduce new methods of farming.

4. Establishing many small scale industries 
What if all the made in china products become made in India. All the rich kids[financially good]  who are unable to get job in big companies or most of the retired staff who are willing to do business, they can start small scale industries and give employment to young people. 

How would you like to imagine India. Share your views in the comments.

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