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Rahul Gandhi calls KCR minimodi

Salman or other, rule is rule and it for all

Ravindra Patil, bodygaurd for Salman Khan at that time had given statement honestly and stood as strong evidence for hit and run case. The crime was happened in 2002. Now we are in 2015.

Read What salman did to Ravindra Patil

If Salman had accepted crime, did his time in prison and started Being Human thing with realisation. He would have won many hearts than what he has now. Instead, what he did, he tried to escape punishment. But truth triumphs at the end of the day.
What happens in India is, you commit a crime and make sure you prolong it for more days so that the evidence is destroyed or damaged. All that guilty feeling of committing mistake and not accepting and still able to make expressions on screen, that's great thing.

4 things why I stopped watching IPL live

Live cricket is awesome to watch. But not this IPL cricket. Here are the  four things that make me watch only highlights, but not live.
1. That stupid hindi font on screen
Arey baba, I understand that you want to promote Hindi as national language. But don't try to force us to see Hindi every time.
2. More annoying Hindi commentary
I used to learn the formation of sentences in English from English commentary. I'm not saying Hindi commentary is bad or good. But I like it to be in English.
3. IPL or APL (Advertising Premiere League)
There will be more number of ads than the no. of balls in the match. IPL is pure business stunt.
The match begins, hope fully there is no wicket in the last ball or first ball of over. Ads will irritate you. And we have timeouts. God save them. If there is a wicket, they won't show you replay, immediately they go for ads and if possible they show the replay.
4. Poor umpiring
There are many instances which took big inside edges before hitting leg, and u…