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When I started watching I thought it was just a Formula 1 race movie. But it is not. The film was based on the real events. And it was about the rivalry between two passionate car drivers Niki Lauda and James Hunt in Formula 1 racing. Hans Zimmer made his mark on the movie with outstanding background score. The rivalry between Niki Lauda and James Hunt on the track was truly inspirational. Both started their career with difficulties. Niki stood against parents' wish to see himself as a businessman. And he loaned from bank and payed to team to become a member of BRM. but with his expertise on the car mechanics and driving capabilities, he signed with Ferrari. And on the other side, James Hunt was blessed with the team he has who bought one Formula 1 car, Hesketh. But later he moved to McLaren in the dramatic conditions. The weather conditions were terrible in German just before the race begun and the circuit had many turns, and it was very hard to drive. Since, it was last in the …

Kick 2 - Gave no Kick as Kick 1

Evadi problem vaadu solve cheskovali.Bramhi dance baga pandindi.Rakul preeth Singh finally played some role with acting scopeI don't understand why the movie makers just spoil the feel of the movie with inserting songs, especially item songs right in the middle of the movie from no where.(English lo ne tittadaniki baguntadi paddathiga)Idela undante chettu mundaa, vittanam munda annattuntadi. Directors emo commercial elements lekapothe audience theatre ki raaru antaru. Audience emo directors ki kothaga teeyatam raadu antaru. Ee never ending cycle eppatiki marutundo.Maddali sivareddy is now Solman thakur. Perlu matram bhale pedutunnarabba.Kick 3 anta malli, Kick 40 daaka veltadanukunta Ee surendar babu garu.